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About Me

Heya! My name is Holly-Grace and I rant incoherently about information security online.  I also speak at conferences where you can see incoherent rants in person!

Between the hours of nine and five I break in to computers and buildings for a living performing a job people often refer to as Penetration Testing. Outside of these hours I lurk on Twitter.

I perform security assessments of computer networks, mobile applications, web applications and buildings. I’ve been doing this job since 2007. I’m a CREST Certified Tester and I’ve got an MSc in Information Security. I’ve also got a stack of other certifications if you’re in to that sort of thing.

If you’d like to contact me the best thing to do is grab me on Twitter (my DMs are open) or if you prefer ending every message with “Kind Regards” you can contact me at