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USA versus Love

There is a case ongoing which is known as The United States versus Love. As always when I mention the law on this site, I am not a Lawyer, therefore I will link to all of my sources inline and allow you to draw your own conclusions. I support Lauri Love and I would like to detail some reasons as to why you should too. I also wish to highlight some things you should be seriously concerned amount regardless of your opinion on Lauri or his case specifically.

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We’ve had a Data Breach – do we need to notify? [UK Law]

I’m going to go ahead and open with: I am not a lawyer. If you’ve had a data breach and you need to know if you should notify an authority, or the public, you should speak to a lawyer. Don’t take legal advice from a blog post. I was researching the requirement to disclose under UK law and I thought it was interesting so here are some (probably incomplete) notes to explain (my interpretation of) the current UK Law.

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A Quick Malware Teardown

A follower sent me a suspicious looking file recently to get my opinion on its behavior and to see if I could pull out a little detail on how it’s working. “Suspicious looking” because at the time, it was getting a zero score on VirusTotal but it appeared to be doing something just a little dodgy in the background. I wanted to post some notes around my quick tear down of the malware show that since so much malware is poorly written and obfuscated you can often do a large amount of analysis of a file’s behaviour in a short period of time.

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