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Cracking Windows Domain Passwords for Password Analysis

There’s no doubt that domain accounts with weak passwords can be a serious concern for companies, there are a few ways you can protect yourself against issues like this. The first is to set a domain and local account lockout policy and the second is to enforce password complexity. However if your users are using “Password1” as their password, neither of these steps will protect you.

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UK Cyber Crime Law

Interpreting and understanding law is a difficult thing. However many Information Security, Ethical Hacking, and Cyber Security degree courses feature understanding the law as a requirement. There’s also an awful lot of law and literature out there about the many offences that an individual could commit during the normal course of careers in offensive security roles such as penetration testing.

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[BSides Talk] Offensive Anti-Analysis

Brief: A talk about options advanced attackers can deploy to beat behavioural malware analysis through the detection (and subversion!) of the behaviour engines themselves. Including a demonstration of how to beat modern engines through a working tool (demos!).This talk should be interesting to malware writers and analysts alike as it shows implementations of beating analysis, but also includes enough inline explanation to make it accessible to beginners.

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