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Burp Macros: Automatic Re-authentication

During a recent penetration test I came up against a security feature that would invalidate my session whilst I was fuzzing if it saw simple attack strings, so if I used <script> anywhere then it’d kill my session. Most frustrating! Especially as it essentially prevented the use of tools such as Burp’s Active Scanner and it made using Repeater inconvenient too. So I quickly threw together a Burp Macro to handle automatic re-authentication for me and went back to fuzzing!

So here’s how to do that!

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Burp Suite Keyboard Shortcuts!

If you use Burp Suite a lot then you’ll no doubt love the interface – moving between tools is really fast and the interface is just friendly; however I recently heard someone complaining that it’s annoying that it’s mouse-only and you can’t use hotkeys to swap between tabs and move between tools…but you can!

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