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An Introduction to DOM XSS

Document Object Model Based Cross-Site Scripting (DOM Based XSS) is a type of Cross-site Scripting where instead of the payloads being stored or reflected by the remote web server and appearing in the response HTML the payload is instead stored in the DOM and processed insecurely by JavaScript. For those unfamiliar with what the DOM is, a short and fairly untechnical overview is available here.

The impact, and exploitation of DOM-XSS, is essentially the same as reflected or stored however the detection is a little different, as you can’t simply check the server responses and build up a payload. For example if you’re using Burp Suite for testing Burp doesn’t parse or execute JavaScript and therefore it won’t be too much help there. (It will however look for DOM-XSS through static analysis and pick up on issues such as location.hash ending up in document.write).

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