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Introduction to Metasploit

Metasploit is a suite of tools built into a framework which automates and tracks many of the tasks of a penetration test, plus it integrates nicely with other common Penetration Testing tools like Nessus and Nmap. Metasploit was acquired by Rapid-7 in 2009 and there are now commercial variants however the free framework does provide¬†everything you need for a successful Penetration Test from a command-line interface.¬†If you’re curious of the differences Rapid-7 has a page where you can compare the free version against the commercial version here. Metasploit includes port scanners, exploit code, post-exploitation modules – all sorts!#

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Alternative ways to: Run Windows Commands Remotely

Most Penetration Testers will know and love Metasploit’s PsExec module for running commands on remote Windows machines, if you’re not familiar with it – it allows you to take a compromised Local Administrator account and use it to execute commands on the remote machine (or to upload Meterpreter of course! These methods all require the ability to write to Admin$ on the remote machine, which basically means a Local Administrator account.

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