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Burp Suite Extensions: Installing Jython and adding an Extension

In order to use or write Burp Suite Extensions in Python you need to have Jython Standalone installed. So he’s the world’s fasted HOWTO on getting Jython set up to work with Burp.

First of all open the “Extender” Tab and navigate to the “Options” sub-tab. It looks like this:

A screenshot showing Burp Suite in the Extender Menu with the Options tab selected. A path has been typed in the Python Environment which points to a Jython JAR file.
Here you can see that I’ve pointed my Burp at the location of my Jython .jar file. You can download this from here: but take note that it’s the standalone version that you need.

Once you’ve done that you can go ahead and select the “Extensions” tab, which looks like the below screenshot. You’ll need to select “Add” here.

The Burp Suite Extender menu is selected with the Extensions tab chosen. No extensions are currently loaded.

The “Add” menu looks like this and allows you to select an extension to load. Simply choose “Python” from the Extension Type list and then next to “Extension File” you want to navigate to the location you downloaded you extension to. That’s it!

The Burp Suite "Load Burp Extension" menu with no options selected.


When you hit next it’ll install your extension for you. Here’s an example of one of my extensions being successfully installed:


A Burp Suite Extension is loading. The output tab is selected in the Load Extension menu.