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Hacking Web Applications:

Getting Root Access to Web Servers

I’ve written previously about How To Become a Penetration Tester, listing things that employers would like to see out of potential junior testers. I’ve written an awful lot about many web application vulnerabilities like Cross-site Scripting and Directory Traversal; I’ve even written about the methodology behind External Penetration Testing. However – until now I’ve not tied all of the little pieces together. Plus, one of the biggest things on the list of desirables for a junior testers CV is practise.

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We’ve had a Data Breach – do we need to notify? [UK Law]

I’m going to go ahead and open with: I am not a lawyer. If you’ve had a data breach and you need to know if you should notify an authority, or the public, you should speak to a lawyer. Don’t take legal advice from a blog post. I was researching the requirement to disclose under UK law and I thought it was interesting so here are some (probably incomplete) notes to explain (my interpretation of) the current UK Law.

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